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combatant command support agent

1.) The Secretary of a Military Department to whom the Secretary of Defense or the Deputy Secretary of Defense has assigned administrative and logistical support of the headquarters of a combatant command, United States Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command, or subordinate unified command. The nature and scope of the combatant command support agent responsibilities, functions, and authorities shall be prescribed at the time of assignment or in keeping with existing agreements and practices, and they shall remain in effect until the Secretary of Defense or the Deputy Secretary of Defense revokes, supersedes, or modifies them.

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In the United States, military vocabulary is standardized by the Department of Defence. These terms are used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Term Classification: miscellaneous


Department of Defence, Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Term sourced from DODD 5100.03: Support of the Headquarters of Combatant and Subordinate Unified Commands, updated February 2001 View source document

This term is marked as active and was last updated in 2015

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