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military information support operations impact indicators

An observable event or a discernible subjectively determined behavioral change that represents an effect of a military information support operations activity on the intended foreign target audience at a particular point in time.

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infrared pointer

A low power laser device operating in the near infrared light spectrum that is visible with light amplifying night vision devices.

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joint force special operations component commander

The commander within a unified command, subordinate unified command, or joint task force responsible to the establishing commander for recommending the proper employment of assigned, attached, and/or made available for tasking special operations forces and assets; planning and coordinating special operations; or accomplishing such operational missions as may be assigned.

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contiguous zone

A maritime zone adjacent to the territorial sea that may not extend beyond 24 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.

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combat unit loading

A method of loading by which all or a part of a combat unit, such as an assault battalion landing team, is completely loaded in a single ship, with essential combat equipment and supplies, in such a manner as to be immediately available to support the tactical plan upon debarkation, and to provide a maximum of flexibility to meet possible changes in the tactical plan.

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