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The pressure resulting from the blast wave of an explosion referred to as “positive” when it exceeds atmospheric pressure and “negative” during the passage of the wave when resulting pressures are less than atmospheric pressure.

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voluntary tanker agreement

An agreement established by the Maritime Administration to provide for United States commercial tanker owners and operators to voluntarily make their vessels available to satisfy the Department of Defense to meet contingency or war requirements for point-to-point petroleum, oils, and lubricants movements.

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joint air operations

Air operations performed with air capabilities/forces made available by components in support of the joint force commander's operation or campaign objectives, or in support of other components of the joint force.

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first responder care

The health care capability that provides immediate clinical care and stabilization to the patient in preparation for evacuation to the next health service support capability in the continuum of care.

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obstacle zone

A division-level command and control measure, normally done graphically, to designate specific land areas where lower echelons are allowed to employ tactical obstacles.

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