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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction

A replacement document for all types of correspondence containing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff policy and guidance that does not involve the employment of forces, which is of indefinite duration and is applicable to external agencies, or both the Joint Staff and external agencies.

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military standard requisitioning and issue procedure

A uniform procedure established by the Department of Defense for use within the Department of Defense to govern requisition and issue of materiel within standardized priorities.

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joint planning and execution community

Those headquarters, commands, and agencies involved in the training, preparation, mobilization, deployment, employment, support, sustainment, redeployment, and demobilization of military forces assigned or committed to a joint operation.

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combat spread loading

A method of combat loading by which some of the troops, equipment, and initial supplies of a unit are loaded in one ship and the remainder are loaded in one or more others. This method is commonly used for troop units with heavy equipment.

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enterprise force structure

The digitized hierarchical representation of Department of Defense organizations, documented in accordance with the standardized precepts of the Organizational and Force Structure Construct, generated and shared from .org servers for Department of Defense-wide integration and use.

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