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internal security

The state of law and order prevailing within a nation.

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maritime power projection

Power projection in and from the maritime environment, including a broad spectrum of offensive military operations to destroy enemy forces or logistic support or to prevent enemy forces from approaching within enemy weaponsÂ’ range of friendly forces.

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defensive cyberspace operation response action

Deliberate, authorized defensive measures or activities taken outside of the defended network to protect and defend Department of Defense cyberspace capabilities or other designated systems.

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counterintelligence investigation

An official, systematic search for facts to determine whether a person(s) is engaged in activities that may be injurious to US national security or advantageous to a foreign power.

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revolving fund account

An account authorized by specific provisions of law to finance a continuing cycle of business-type operations, and which are authorized to incur obligations and expenditures that generate receipts.

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