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maritime forces

Forces that operate on, under, or above the sea to gain or exploit command of the sea, sea control, or sea denial and/or to project power from the sea.

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national intelligence

All intelligence, regardless of the source from which derived, and including that which is gathered within or outside the United States, that pertains to more than one agency, and involves (1) threats to the United States, its people, property, or interests, (2) the development, proliferation, or use of weapons of mass destruction, or (3) any other matter bearing on US national or homeland security.

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hazardous cargo

Cargo that includes not only large bulk-type categories such as explosives, pyrotechnics, petroleum, oils, and lubricants, compressed gases, corrosives and batteries, but lesser quantity materials like super-tropical bleach (oxiderizer), pesticides, poisons, medicines, specialized medical chemicals and medical waste that can be loaded as cargo.

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battalion landing team

In an amphibious operation, an infantry battalion normally reinforced by necessary combat and service elements; the basic unit for planning an assault landing.

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flame field expedients

Simple, handmade devices used to produce flame or illumination.

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