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national defense strategy

A document approved by the Secretary of Defense for applying the Armed Forces of the United States in coordination with Department of Defense agencies and other instruments of national power to achieve national security strategy objectives.

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operations security

A process of identifying critical information and subsequently analyzing friendly actions attendant to military operations and other activities.

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joint operation planning process

An orderly, analytical process that consists of a logical set of steps to analyze a mission, select the best course of action, and produce a joint operation plan or order.

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joint land operations plan

A plan for a connected series of joint land operations to achieve the joint force commanderÂ’s objectives within a given time and operational area.

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Washington Liaison Group

An interagency committee and/or joint monitoring body, chaired by the Department of State with representation from the Department of Defense, established to coordinate the preparation and implementation of plans for evacuation of United States citizens abroad in emergencies.

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