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electromagnetic hardening

Action taken to protect personnel, facilities, and/or equipment by blanking, filtering, attenuating, grounding, bonding, and/or shielding against undesirable effects of electromagnetic energy.

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forensic-enabled intelligence

The intelligence resulting from the integration of scientifically examined materials and other information to establish full characterization, attribution, and the linkage of events, locations, items, signatures, nefarious intent, and persons of interest.

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key terrain

Any locality, or area, the seizure or retention of which affords a marked advantage to either combatant.

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special operations-peculiar

Equipment, material, supplies, and services required for special operations missions for which there is no Service-common requirement.

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personnel security investigation

An inquiry into the activities of an individual, designed to develop pertinent information pertaining to trustworthiness and suitability for a position of trust as related to loyalty, character, emotional stability, and reliability.

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