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amphibious withdrawal

A type of amphibious operation involving the extraction of forces by sea in ships or craft from a hostile or potentially hostile shore.

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amphibious air traffic control center

The centralized air traffic control agency on an amphibious warfare ship responsible for operational control of aircraft departing from and recovering on the ship and tactical control of airborne helicopters in support of amphibious assaults.

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revolving fund account

An account authorized by specific provisions of law to finance a continuing cycle of business-type operations, and which are authorized to incur obligations and expenditures that generate receipts.

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embarkation order

An order specifying dates, times, routes, loading diagrams, and methods of movement to shipside or aircraft for troops and their equipment.

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amphibious demonstration

A type of amphibious operation conducted for the purpose of deceiving the enemy by a show of force with the expectation of deluding the enemy into following an unfavorable course of action.

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