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modified combined obstacle overlay

A joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment product used to portray the militarily significant aspects of the operational environment, such as obstacles restricting military movement, key geography, and military objectives.

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tactical assembly area

An area that is generally out of the reach of light artillery and the location where units make final preparations (pre-combat checks and inspections) and rest, prior to moving to the line of departure.

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positive control

A method of airspace control that relies on positive identification, tracking, and direction of aircraft within an airspace, conducted with electronic means by an agency having the authority and responsibility therein.

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military information support operations impact indicators

An observable event or a discernible subjectively determined behavioral change that represents an effect of a military information support operations activity on the intended foreign target audience at a particular point in time.

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sea state

A scale that categorizes the force of progressively higher seas by wave height.

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