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key doctrine element

A foundational core concept, principle, or idea of joint operations as established in approved joint doctrine text; other information in joint doctrine expands on or supports these foundational doctrine elements.

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plan identification number

A command-unique four-digit number followed by a suffix indicating the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan year for which the plan is written.

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operational readiness

The capability of a unit/formation, ship, weapon system, or equipment to perform the missions or functions for which it is organized or designed.

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coordinating authority

The commander or individual who has the authority to require consultation between the specific functions or activities involving forces of two or more Services, joint force components, or forces of the same Service or agencies, but does not have the authority to compel agreement.

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Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

The sensitive compartmented information portion of the Defense Information Systems Network, which incorporates advanced networking technologies that permit point-to-point or multipoint information exchange involving voice, text, graphics, data, and video teleconferencing.

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