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case officer

A professional employee of an intelligence or counterintelligence organization, who is responsible for providing directions for an agent operation and/or handling intelligence assets.

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An enduring functional organization, with a supporting staff, designed to perform a joint function within a joint force commander's headquarters.

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joint combined exchange training

A program conducted overseas to fulfill United States forces training requirements and at the same time exchange the sharing of skills between United States forces and host nation counterparts.

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mode of transport

One of, or a combination of, the following modes used for a movement: a. inland surface transportation (rail, road, and inland waterway); b. sea transport (coastal and ocean); c. air transportation; and d. pipelines.

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command relationships

The interrelated responsibilities between commanders, as well as the operational authority exercised by commanders in the chain of command; defined further as combatant command (command authority), operational control, tactical control, or support.

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