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emergency action committee

An organization established at a foreign service post by the chief of mission or principal officer for the purpose of directing and coordinating the post's response to contingencies. It consists of consular representatives and members of other local US Government agencies in a foreign country who assist in the implementation of a Department of State emergency action plan.

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foreign national

Any person other than a US citizen, US permanent or temporary legal resident alien, or person in US custody.

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troop space cargo

Cargo such as sea or barracks bags, bedding rolls or hammocks, locker trunks, and office equipment, normally stowed in an accessible place. This cargo will also include normal hand-carried combat equipment and weapons to be carried ashore by the assault troops.

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task organization

An organization that assigns to responsible commanders the means with which to accomplish their assigned tasks in any planned action.

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contingency basing

The life-cycle process of planning, designing, constructing, operating, managing, and transitioning or closing a non-enduring location supporting a combatant commander's requirements.

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