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weapons readiness state

The degree of readiness of air defense weapons which can become airborne or be launched to carry out an assigned task, and normally expressed in numbers of weapons and numbers of minutes.

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arrival zone

In counterdrug operations, the area in or adjacent to the United States where smuggling concludes and domestic distribution begins (by air, an airstrip; by sea, an offload point on land, or transfer to small boats).

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air and missile defense

Direct [active and passive] defensive actions taken to destroy, nullify, or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air and ballistic missile threats against friendly forces and assets.

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oversized cargo

Large items of specific equipment such as a barge, side loadable warping tug, causeway section, powered, or causeway section, nonpowered that require transport by sea.

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direct air support center (airborne)

An airborne aircraft equipped with the necessary staff personnel, communications, and operations facilities to function as a direct air support center.

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