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US national

US citizen and US permanent and temporary legal resident aliens.

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tactical warning

In satellite and missile surveillance, a notification to operational command centers that a specific threat event is occurring. The component elements that describe threat events are as follows: a. country of origin--Country or countries initiating hostilities; b. event type and size--Identification of the type of event and determination of the size or number of weapons; c. country under attack--Determined by observing trajectory of an object and predicting its impact point; and d. event time--Time the hostile event occurred.

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materiel release order

An order issued by an accountable supply system manager directing a non-accountable activity within the same supply distribution complex to release and ship materiel.

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joint force maritime component commander

The commander within a unified command, subordinate unified command, or joint task force responsible to the establishing commander for recommending the proper employment of assigned, attached, and/or made available for tasking maritime forces and assets; planning and coordinating maritime operations; or accomplishing such operational missions as may be assigned.

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bulk storage

Storage of liquids, such as petroleum products in tanks, as distinguished from drum or packaged storage.

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