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common item

Term Source: JP 4-01.5 (Joint Terminal Operations) ?

1.) Items used by two or more Military Services of similar manufacture or fabrication that may vary between the Services as to color or shape (as vehicles or clothing).

2.) Any item of materiel that is procured for, owned by (Service stock), or used by any Military Department of the Department of Defense and is also required to be furnished to a recipient country under the grant-aid Military Assistance Program.

3.) Sometimes loosely used to denote any consumable item except repair parts or other technical items.

4.) Any item of materiel that is required for use by more than one activity.

5.) Readily available commercial items.

6.) Any part or component that is required in the assembly of two or more complete end-items.

In the United States, military vocabulary is standardized by the Department of Defence. These terms are used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Term Classification: logistics


Department of Defence, Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Term sourced from JP 4-01.5: Joint Terminal Operations, updated April 2012

This term is marked as active and was last updated in 2015

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