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Term Source: JP 3-13.3 (Operations Security) ?

1.) A radar device used for navigating or homing to an objective when visibility precludes accurate visual navigation.

2.) Teams air delivered into enemy territory for the purpose of determining the best approach and withdrawal lanes, landing zones, and sites for helicopterborne forces.

3.) Teams dropped or air landed at an objective to establish and operate navigational aids for the purpose of guiding aircraft to drop and landing zones.

4.) Experienced aircraft crews who lead a formation to the drop zone, release point, or target.

In the United States, military vocabulary is standardized by the Department of Defence. These terms are used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Term Classification: operations


Department of Defence, Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Term sourced from JP 3-13.3: Operations Security, updated January 2012

This term is marked as active and was last updated in 2015

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