Joint Publication DOD 4000.25-M Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures -

Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures

Publication DOD 4000.25-M This manual is reissued under the authority of DoD Directive 4140.1, DoD Materiel Management Policy. Its purpose is to provide uniform procedures, formats, and codes governing the interchange of information for materiel in the inventory control and distribution systems of the DoD and other participating Agencies. This publication constitutes a complete revision of the Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures (MILSTRAP), May 1, 1987. General editorial and administrative changes were made for compliance under DoD 5025.1-M, DOD Directive Systems, to accommodate formatting requirements of the directives numbering system. The provisions of this manual are effective immediately and apply to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Military Departments, the Organization of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the Unified and Specified Commands, the Defense Agencies and, by agreement, to the General Services Administration, and the US Coast Guard Agencies and others participating in the MILSTRAP (hereafter referred to collectively as "Components"). This manual and related documents are published electronically at:

Terms defined in DOD 4000.25-M:

Acronyms defined in DOD 4000.25-M:

1.) ABL
2.) AGE
3.) BEE
4.) CTA
5.) DIN
6.) EME
7.) EVE
8.) GEM
9.) IEL
10.) INV
11.) IST
12.) LAN
13.) LES
14.) MAT
15.) OCU
16.) ONE
17.) OSE
18.) OSI
19.) POR
20.) POS
21.) PRO
22.) PROC
23.) RED
24.) RES
25.) ROC
26.) ROCU
27.) RPO
28.) SES
29.) SIS
30.) SIT
31.) STS
32.) TAB
33.) TEC
34.) TED
35.) TIO
36.) TOR
37.) UND
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